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Everyone has to have insurances of some sort.  But few want to understand it.  At the Planning Group, we make insurance more easily understood.  First, we audit what you have:   

     Disability and Health Insurance

     Property/Casualty Insurance

     Liability Insurance

     Life and Long Term Care Insurance

After we have worked with you, we can understand goals  in your plan so matching your goals to what you actually have or need  for insurance is  much easier.  Our method is to show you, easily, what you have, and then provide options for what you might need.  Many times we can save our clients money as well as having an insurance headache.

All that is needed from you are copies of your insurance annual policies or reports, uploaded, and saved to your website, (the one set up for you by us).  Then you have "at your fingertips access" and a vault so you can access your documents and your options at your own convenience, or as needed.

Insurance organized and made easy.

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